Luxury Treatments

NEW!! BTX 'Botox' for Hair 

BTX Hair is an innovative concentrate of active ingredients including caviar oil, B5 and E vitamins and collagen that, when combined, create the revolutionary BTX complex which guarantees to moisture, nourish, repair, and revive hair right from the very first use, adding incredible shine and softness and eliminating frizz. One majour benefit of the treatment is that it has the capability to repair split ends. Approximately 30 mins.

Wella SP Alchemy

Now you can experience a truly personalised haircare regime at home or in salon. During your hair care consultation work with your stylist to identify the optimum at home regime for you hair needs and wants. Approximately 15 minutes.

LabelM Lab Remedy

Exclusive to LabelM is the Tri-Keravitaplex complex. It gives hair the smooth lustrous look it deserves. To be treated as some intensive care. A blend of three vegan proteins rice, pea, potatoe and vitamin E. Three different treatments giving targeted repair for dry and damaged hair, coloured hair, or dry and itchy scalps. Approximately 15 minutes.

KERASTRAIGHT the 'Brazillian blow-out' 

The Brazillian blow out smoothing treatments are the most revolutionary and effective in the world. Through the use of innovative and breakthrough bonding technologies, these treatments add health and condition to the hair by creating a protective protein layer to the hair shaft and smoothes the cuticle. The end result is smooth, healthy, frizz free hair with radient shine! This treatment allows us to target troublesome areas where it is most needed, partially for older or difficult hair, or all over to help you create the salon blow out and give it the longevity you desire. Results last up to 16 weeks. Approximately 1hr 30 minutes.